The History of Formula 1 from 1950 till 2018

The History of Formula 1 from 1950 till 2018 HU - No data

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I made the first Formula 1 book from my then statistics, but that time I decided to digitally have my overal accounts published at one time in the future. Since then I wrote four Formula 1 books and now it is the high time for me to give satisfaction to the Formula 1 aficionados with my exclusive completed statistics. Good news for the statistical hunters that most of special lists, interesting accounts and out-of-the-common statistics on this CD are not the part of the Grand Prix Guide or FORIX at all.
I made a separate chapter about drivers and constructors and you can easily navigate youself by a self-evident menu.
There are two most important accounts on this CD. Either of them is the extensive Grands Prix results by drivers or constructors year by year, and the other one is the so called ranking lists that you cannot find anywhere else.
I also made a very unique and original account about the laps by leading position as well as the drivers and the teams who were for a limited time or finished in the first position of the classification in a Formula 1 season.
Apart from these ones, I would like to gift the Formula 1 fanatics with fifteen-twenty extra statistics in order that they find the answers to their questions.